DWL Unifi Insurance for Life CSR Portal Launches At LOMA Systems Forum

Delivers Real-time Transactional Capability – Key CRM Component

NEW YORK, NY – March 26, 2001 – DWL
Incorporated, a leading transactional customer relationship management (CRM) company,
today launched DWL Unifi Insurance™ for Life Customer Service Representative Portal
(CSR) at LOMA Systems Forum. One of the only XML and Enterprise Java Bean™
(EJB)-based transactional CSR solutions for life insurance companies, the CSR Portal
allows carriers’ CSRs to conduct customer service transactions with multiple back-end
administrative claims and other legacy and CRM systems via a personalized intuitive
browser interface.

The CSR Portal serves as an integral point of contact for
servicing customers with real-time information including their existing policy, claims,
billing, new policy inquiry, and fund management. Surfaced in real-time from legacy
systems, the solution is designed to have a consistent, easy-to-use interface that
eliminates points-of-departure (PODs). The CSR Portal significantly reduces costs by
eliminating the administrative costs associated with paper-based transactions. It
significantly reduces training requirements and leverages customer interaction resulting
in increased revenue generation due to cross-selling and up-selling.

“The call center continues to be a focal point for
multi-channel interaction within a CRM framework and is a touchpoint that increasingly
results in up-sell and cross-sell opportunities for insurance companies,” said Justin
LaFayette, President and CEO, DWL. “The CSR Portal’s EJB and XML transactional
capability is a very powerful tool for getting a comprehensive CRM strategy implemented
very quickly with minimal risk.”

DWL Unifi Insurance for Life CSR Portal is built on DWL
Unifi™, an open, web-based framework for integrating back-office systems with front
office business operations. Unifi enables real-time business transactions through new and
existing communication channels including web and wireless devices.

About DWL Unifi for Life Insurance Solutions

DWL Unifi Insurance for Life is an industry solution
offering personalized pre-defined business processes tailored to specific audiences and
delivered via specific web and wireless devices. The portals allow agent/brokers, customer
service representatives and consumers to easily complete service transactions directly
with multiple back-office systems. This eliminates the process of data duplication,
accelerates business processing and increases customer satisfaction and retention. Unlike other solutions,
DWL Unifi Insurance for Life portals enable bi-directional updates of data in real-time.

Pricing and Availability

DWL Unifi Insurance for Life CSR Portal will be available
April 2001. Pricing varies according to product configuration. For more information call
1-877-864-3946 or visit www.dwl.com/sales.

About DWL Incorporated

Founded in 1996, DWL Incorporated is a
leader in transactional CRM for major insurance, financial services, consumer products,
retail, and healthcare companies throughout North America and Europe.

DWL’s key product is DWL Unifi, an
e-business platform that quickly and seamlessly integrates existing legacy systems and
business functions, delivering relevant information through a real-time, personalized
interface for browsers and wireless devices. This product, along with DWL Unifi
Transactive CRM™ (Customer Relationship Management), enables clients to become
e-customer focused. DWL has also aligned with leading technology and consulting partners
to increase its vertical scope.

DWL Incorporated is a privately owned, venture capital
funded corporation headquartered in Toronto. The company has offices in New York, London,
Paris and Sao Paulo. For more information about DWL and its products and services, please
visit www.dwl.com.