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“Business Results Through Informed Action”
2011 Insurance-Canada.ca Technology Conference

Sheraton Centre Hotel (Toronto) - Monday, February 28th, 2011

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"Commercial Lines: Panel"
- Doug Johnston, Vice President Partner Relations and Product Innovations, Applied Systems, Inc.

Panel discussion continued from the previous time period.

"Relevance of Cloud Computing and SaaS to Core Insurance Systems Implementations"
- Philippe Lafreniere CIP, VP Insurance Solutions & Field Marketing, Exigen Insurance Solutions

Insurance companies are paying close attention to the various applications of cloud computing for their enterprises, including core systems operations such as policy administration, billing and claims. Insurance CIOs recognize that cloud computing could provide a number of potential benefits for their companies, including better economies of scale, elastic scalability, more flexible sourcing options and more efficient use of financial and human resources. At the same time, they are concerned about the potential risks of depending on external sources to provide computing infrastructure and technology platforms, as well as application software and services.

This session attempts to provide a well-defined conceptual model to facilitate the understanding of the technology and implementation models, as well as robust decision frameworks to support evaluation of whether (and which) cloud computing model is pertinent for consideration, and whether (and when) SaaS as an implementation platform is suitable for Core Insurance Systems.

Philippe Lafreniere CIP, VP Insurance Solutions & Field Marketing, Exigen Insurance Solutions

Mr Philippe Lafreniere has been in the insurance and insurance technology field for 18 years. Philippe started his career in insurance sales and underwriting for a national insurer, followed by positions in systems and product development. As a software executive, Philippe has held leadership positions in Product Management, Product Marketing and Sales for various leading software vendors. During his technology career he has worked with both large and small insurers globally to assist them in deploying modern technology solutions and undergoing legacy transformation.

Philippe is a graduate of the Insurance Institute of Canada with the designation of C.I.P. as well as being an accomplished speaker, having presented at multiple insurance industry conferences. Philippe has also contributed to several print articles on Underwriting, Legacy Modernization and Policy Administration in several trade journals.

"Simplify, Optimize and Secure every Stakeholder Communication"
- Lorne Gladstone, Managing Partner & CTO, Centtric Marketing Systems

The Insurance Industry depends on documents such as policies, notifications and statements to acquire, service and retain customers. Creating these documents has never been easy, and producing them has never been economical. Today’s stakeholders – consumers, agents, brokers and partners – all demand clear, easy to read documents. Today, there’s a new twist. More and more people want digital delivery options. So you have to accommodate both. Sadly, digital delivery introduces a new problem – how to secure the documents and prevent fraud.

This session provides some lessons to address these challenges, and describes methods and technologies for delivering complex, highly customized and secured communications. This session shows insurers and their channel partners how to deliver communications consistently, reliably, economically, and securely.

In brief, this session will cover the 3 lessons to Simplify, Optimize and Secure your stakeholder communications. The 3 lessons are:
1. The key to simplifying your communication strategy
2. How to ensure that you choose the best technology for YOUR organization,
3. How to secure your communications, and prevent tampering.

Lorne Gladstone, Managing Partner & CTO, Centtric Marketing Systems

For over 30 years, Lorne Gladstone has helped clients take full advantage of technology, while avoiding the pitfalls.

Lorne founded Centtric in 1994, to bring new technology to an old field – customized and personalized document preparation and delivery. Years ago that was called ‘fulfillment’. Today, Centtric’s Document Generation world has expanded to include building customer-specific documents in multiple languages and in multiple output channels from email to hardcopy.

Centtric has focussed on the insurance marketplace, and greatly enhanced the depth of its technology offerings. Centtric is thrilled to introduce the Canadian Insurance industry to the best document generation product we’ve ever seen in the goal to “Optimize every customer contact” through the creative blending of technology, marketing, efficient workflow and document production.

"Maximizing Data Quality to Build Profitable Customer Relationships"
- Navin Sharma, Director Global Product Strategy, Data Quality, PBBI

Leading Insurance companies of every size are leveraging customer information in order to maximize return on investment (ROI) opportunities. On the surface, the recipe for success appears straightforward: interact with customers, collect valuable data, compile 360-degree views of individual customers and utilize the information to build rich relationships that get smarter—and more profitable—over time.

As experience shows, however, this is easier said than done. Countless companies collect customer data, but collection is just the beginning. A number of additional challenges must be addressed before the value of customer data can be unlocked: How do I deal with multiple and disparate data formats? How do I consolidate duplicate information and ensure accuracy? How do I mine the data and determine what’s actionable for better, more accurate Insurance decisions? How do I place it in the hands of key customer-facing employees? These are the strategic and technological data conundrums that many companies have yet to unravel.

This discussion will identify how to generate ROI by providing stakeholders from across the enterprise with the right customer data at the right time. As we shall uncover, those companies leading the way can reap substantial returns in revenue growth, improved efficiency and reduced cost.

Navin Sharma, Director Global Product Strategy, Data Quality, PBBI

Navin Sharma, the Director of Global Product Strategy, Data Quality, has more than 10 years of experience in data management and helping companies with modeling, analysis, design and implementation of their data management strategies. Mr. Sharma manages the ever-expanding Pitney Bowes Spectrum™ Technology Platform products and solutions.

"Claims Vendor Management: Expense Management versus Best Practices. What's the difference?"
- Wayne Nykyforchyn, President, Allegient Systems

In an ever-competitive insurance world where customer expectations continue to increase, the performance of an insurer while handling a claim is crucial to corporate image and results.

Although the management of a claim is a responsibility of the claim department, so much of the delivery of services while restoring the claimant to pre-loss condition is dependent upon the services provided by others.

The claims department then is responsible for managing those services providers. One element of that is expense incurred against vendor performance expectations. This session will compare “expense management” to “best practices” as they relate to vendor performance.

The discussion will be based on three "core" concepts:

  • Creating Expectations - guidelines, etc
  • Deploying Technology - standardization, efficiency, speed, etc.
  • Measuring and Altering Performance - demystification, data (the new ally)

And looking at the results one would expect.

Wayne Nykyforchyn, President, Allegient Systems

Wayne Nykyforchyn joined Allegient Systems in 1999, bringing with him over 20 years of management experience, including 12 years in senior executive roles with leading insurance industry outsourcing and software companies, including ADP, ISI Systems, Xerox, and IBM.

While at ADP, Wayne served as head of the company’s North American Sales and Service Organization, managing an organization of over 100 field sales and service professionals delivering a family of claims-related products and services, as well as General Manager for Canadian Operations. He played an influential role in developing and delivering state-of-the-art business process outsourcing services and technology products to support ADP’s claims solutions. His accomplishments include the design and implementation of Pen Pro, ADP’s successful auto and property damage estimation product and a member of the Audatex product family and the acquisition of Integrated Medical Solutions, a leading provider of medical bill review services to the P&C industry.

Wayne is a graduate of Ryerson University in Toronto, where he earned a B.S. in Business & Finance. In addition, he completed the Executive Development Program at The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.