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  • May 28: Could Claims Challenge Existing InsurTech Priorities?
    While the majority of InsurTech activity leans towards marketing, underwriting, sales, and product service, there is growing interest in streamlining and improving claims reporting and adjusting. Could this mean that Claims disruption is on the horizon?
  • May 22: 23 Hours of InsurTech
    Last week, we had a 23-hour opportunity to take stock in our readiness for the digital incarnation of insurance. As that time passed, we found some answers – and many more interesting questions. So we're planning to do it again with a larger team of experts.
  • May 14: Borders and the Flow of Intelligence
    Six months on from the presidential election, US immigration policies may be having a beneficial effect on the tech industry in Toronto. And there are important reasons beyond just “President Donald Trump.”
  • May 7: Notes On the Path to Insurance 2.0
    In our last post, we noted the impact of derisking on the current insurance model. As technology lowers the probability of risks (with an attendant reduction of rates and premiums), we see insurance seeking new exposures and developing more engagement with consumers.
  • Apr. 30: Smart Insurers, Smart Homes, and Insurance 2.0
    Canadian insurers' interest in smart home technology is rising. At one level, this is providing new, cool insurance programs. At a higher level, this is a prototype of “Insurance 2.0.”

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