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  • Mar. 26: Autonomous Vehicles: The Disruption Never Ends
    As recently as four years ago, if you mentioned “autonomous vehicles” as a serious alternative to traditional private passenger automobiles, there were good odds that you would be laughed at. That has changed, and the impact could be more disruptive than first imagined.
  • Mar. 20: Telematics: A Larger Landscape
    Telematics-enabled Usage-Based Insurance (UBI) has been slow in penetrating the traditional insurance market, causing some to dismiss the approach. However, the inexorable press of time is showing the larger significance of telematics. How do you see this impacting your digital strategy?
  • Mar. 12: Canadian Disruptions, Eh?
    Jason Storah is Executive VP of Broker Distribution at Aviva Canada; Carrie Russell is Chief Strategist at the Fin+Tech Growth Syndicate. The common element between the two is a deep belief that the customer is driving a revolution in the insurance and financial services industry. And meeting those expectations requires ‘Omni-Channel.’
  • Mar. 5: Pilots on the Disruption Path
    Although insurance is but one vertical at Communitech, it is increasing in importance and activity. To show how organizations large and small can innovate, Head of Corporate Innovation Craig Haney has conceived the “Nimble Hippo,” which epitomizes five principles of innovation.
  • Feb. 22: The Rollout of Automated Driver Assistance Systems and the Impact to Insurance Costs by Adam Mitchell, Mitchell & Whale
    Insurance brokers will be increasingly important in the roll-out of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) insurance discounts. Brokers are closer to the customer; moreover, they are in a better position to determine and confirm exactly what system the vehicles have.
  • Feb. 20: Increasing Retention through Telematics-Driven Claims
    Auto insurers are struggling to engage with their policyholders, but telematics can play a significant role in improving engagement and improving claims management.

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