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  • Sept. 19: The Era of the Digitally Unthinkable
    Digital transformation is, in many ways, a catalyst for different approaches to the business of insurance. Insurers and suppliers will have to look at existing relationships and commit to new terms of reference. Are we prepared?
  • Sept. 11: Waiting for Disruption
    An analyst and thought leader recently went public with a post suggesting that disruption is over-hyped and underwhelming from a practical standpoint. I respect the author and the analysis, but I think that we are in uncharted territory.
  • Sept. 4: If Digital Is Urgent, How Do We Play It?
    InsurTech (Insurance Technology) is a hot topic in the insurance community these days. But how significant is this trend and how urgently do we have to respond?
  • Aug. 29: Will Driverless Cars Disrupt Uber and Insurance?
    Ride-hailing services are recognized as a major disruptors for taxi fleets and other modes of transportation. However, other initiatives may disrupt the disruptors. And insurers may be collateral damage.

Events and Announcements

  • Photos from the 2016 Executive Forum are now online.
  • Deloitte, a platinum sponsor for ICEF2016, provides comprehensive, integrated solutions to the insurance sector, with a focus on the real issues affecting businesses today.
  • Virtuace, a bronze sponsor for the 2016 Executive Forum, delivers exceptional results in the development of enterprise-scale software systems.
  • ICEF2016 silver sponsor EY can help you find growth opportunities in uncertain times.
  •, a bronze sponsor for the Executive Forum, is Canada's leading insurance jobsite, committed to providing outstanding employment-related support and services.
  • Available on-demand: “A Canadian Broker's E-Signature Success Story
  • IBM is a gold sponsor for the 2016 Executive Forum. IBM Insurance helps clients meet the demands of today's insurance business; from enhanced customer service to greater efficiency in the back office and improved risk management, there's a smarter solution for you.

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