Life Insurance Sales Illustrations

Some life insurance is relatively basic, but many products offer a variety of features which can impact the cost and value of an insurance policy, especially one which has an investment or savings component to it. In order to show or illustrate for the prospective purchaser the implications of various assumptions about interest rates and investment returns, a number of sales illustrations are often used.

Some features of such policies may have a cost associated with them, and illustrations need to calculate the impact of these as well.

Some prospects already have an insurance policy, which they may consider upgrading. Again, illustrations need to be able to include the impact of in-force insurance on a decision to make changes.

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illustrate inc

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Head office: Toronto

Serving North America
illustration and point of sale solutions for the life insurance and annuity industry

illustrate inc a comprehensive new business and in-force policy illustration solution designed around our True Engine Architecture™ and innovative SmartFile™ technology. The industry leading design provides solutions for connected and disconnected Web based deployments utilizing the same code base, support for Smartphone and Tablet platforms as well as the industry's first client branded customer facing solutions. Whether you are looking for needs analysis, concepts, product illustrations, or electronic applications, OPUS delivers.

OPUS offers the industry's most flexible and efficient solution to meet the technology demands of today and provide a clear path for tomorrow's technology and device advances.

OPUS Solutions includes:

  • Industry's First True Engine Architecture™
    • Calculations, Reports, Business Rules and User Experience Engines
  • Supporting modules include:
    • Needs Analysis, Financial Calculators, Concepts, and eApp
  • OPUS Studio Tools Suite includes the following editors:
    • Business Rules, Data, Reports, Screen Designer and Product Configurator

OPUS supports:

  • A wide range of life insurance products
  • Standard XML/Web Services Integration with third party systems such as:
    • Electronic Application, CRM, administration, new business and underwriting
  • Rules-based architecture
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Multilingual support
  • Dynamic error handling
  • On-the-fly charts and graphs generation
  • OPUS Mobile – Smartphone and Tablet Quotes


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Head office: Montreal

Serving Canada & United States
Sales and illustration software for the Life Insurance industry

Over a decade ago, EquiSoft developed specialized software in response to its clients' needs in the insurance and financial services fields to support policy administration platforms. Today, the Sales and Illustrations software tools are used in Canada, the U.S. and worldwide.

EquiSoft Sales & IIlustration are innovative producer tools for online and offline use. They allow producers to:

  • Create attractive quotes and analysis reports.
  • Exchange data with policy and agent systems using ACORD.
  • Emphasize up-sell and cross-sell opportunities at point of sale.
  • Offer multiple product lines and multi-carrier support.

Exclusive features:

  • Powerful handheld quoting engine.
  • Straight-through processing with eApplication: Generated PDF application forms from application capture.
  • Synchronization of rules, forms, reports and data between online and offline versions.
  • Multiple needs analysis tools and comparison calculators.
  • Intuitive policy designer and NAIC-compliant ledgers.

Novinsoft Inc.

Novinsoft Inc.

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Head office in
Port Perry, ON

Serving all Canada

Novinsoft Inc. is the leading developer of on-line or off-line New Business and In-Force Insurance Illustration Systems, Needs Analyses, Sales Concepts, and Wealth Management sales modules for the Canadian Financial Services industry.

  • Supports all life, health, annuity, and guaranteed withdrawal benefit products
  • Bi-lingual, ACORD-compliant, and easily integrated to client or 3rd party administration, E-App, and other systems
  • E-App capabilities
  • Fast, powerful Calculation Engines
  • Next Generation Report Tool
  • Business Rules and Rates Editors
  • Web hosting and cloud technology
  • Full internationalization, Native X64

Our ease-of-use and flexibility have made us the standard in the Canadian Individual Life Insurance industry.

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