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Accountability Review: 2012 Trend Predictions

Back in the dark and early days of 2012, we spotted four trends and one megatrend that we saw impacting the Insurance-Technology activity for the year.  As the year closes, we want to give ourselves marks for accuracy.  We will tell you honestly what we think and would like to invite you to leave your… Read more »

Solstice 2012: The World Didn’t End; Insurance Technology Continues to Progress

We have to confess that we waited until after the Solstice had passed this morning before we decided to set fingers to keyboard.  It seems that the doomsayers were wrong, and the 2012 solstice brings us a new beginning. Perhaps this is a good metaphor for the world of Insurance and Technology: a few doomsayers,… Read more »

New Telematics/UBI Research Highlights Opportunities, Challenges for Insurers, Brokers

New research from Strategy Meets Action (SMA) highlights opportunities and challenges for insurers and intermediaries as they consider how to align telematics and usage-based insurance (UBI) with their strategies.  SMA is clear on one point:  telematics technology and UBI are disruptive forces which will impact the personal automobile insurance market over the next decade. SMA… Read more »

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Showcasing Canadian Innovation: Technology Awards Finalists

After careful deliberation, the 2013 Jury has selected nine finalists for the coveted Technology Awards (ICTAs).  The award-winners will be announced at the 2013 Technology Conference, However, there is one clear winner already:  the insurance technology user. The Process For the fourth year in a row, has received nominations for insurers, insurance… Read more »

Social Media And Insurance Brokerages – Part 2

The first part of this blog post discussed some SM statistics and specific Canadian SM usage profiles and trends.  This second part will focus on defining SM and helping brokerages determine whether having a SM presence is “right for them”. Understanding SM SM is defined as the use of electronic and Internet tools for the… Read more »


Insurance Digital Marketing: Data Primacy, Channel Challenges

There is conflicting evidence about the current value/importance of digital or data-driven marketing for insurance. However, there seems to be consensus on a few elements: Data comprise the currency, and Channel assumptions will be challenged. Our questions: How well prepared is the insurance industry for changes that are coming in data driven marketing? How well… Read more »

Social Media And Insurance Brokerages – Part 1

I recently viewed the 2013 version of Erik Qualman’s SM Revolution.  The numbers cited in this video are impressive: 1 billion strong on Facebook SM has become the #1 activity on the Web 1 in 5 couples meet online 92% of children under the age of 2 have a digital shadow Every second, 2 new… Read more »

What Did We Learn Today, Dorothy? Aviva Restarts Telematics Program

The most serious mistake a company can make is to fail to learn from its past mistakes. Aviva is demonstrating that it takes that old adage to heart. The insurer has reentered the telematics based insurance market in the UK, with some very interesting elements, showing that Aviva spent some time learning from its own… Read more »

Climate Change, Insurance, Data, and Technology

Climate change is a hot topic on many fronts, and insurance is playing a key role.  Some insurers and industry groups are promoting adaptation strategies, including modifications to insurance programs.  The sponsored Insurance 2023 Working Group is discussing the role that technology is and will play in supporting insurers.  Our question: how is climate… Read more »

Zen and the Art of Data Ownership

Data ownership has always been a hot topic with insurers, distributors, data providers, and policy holders claiming right to some or all of the data. The volume of the discussion of this has risen with the increase in importance of  data to the profitability of the business.  An alternative is emerging which sounds a bit… Read more »