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  • Apr. 24: Are InsurTechs Defining Next-Gen Enterprise Systems?
    Since the mid-1970s, there has been a core group of suppliers who provide enterprise systems specifically designed for P&C insurers. The group changes periodically, with mergers, acquisitions, and new technology. However, the basic functions haven't changed much. InsurTech may be the catalyst for disruption.
  • Apr. 17: Digital Insurance: What, Why, and How
    Digital insurance is a hot topic within the P&C community. At a high level, consultants and practitioners can rapidly agree on the importance of ‘digitalization.’ However, when we start developing and implementing a business case, definitions of the strategies and tasks get a bit murky. Two recent articles help focus on critical criteria.
  • Apr. 9: InsurTech: Threats or Opportunities for Insurers?
    Traditional P&C insurers tend to react to InsurTech firms with the sentiment either that “InsurTechs are a flash in the pan,” or that “InsurTechs will disrupt our business by taking many of our customers.” As InsurTech evolves, there are nuances that insurers must actively understand.
  • Apr. 2: InsurTech Vs. The Two Solitudes of Insurance
    An increasing number of insurance practitioners are looking seriously at using InsurTech solutions for competitive advantage. At the same time, InsurTech suppliers are looking at our industry and developing solutions and constructs with little or no understanding of modern insurance. My spider sense tells me the “two solitudes” approach – which has never worked particularly well – will continue to perpetuate misunderstanding.
  • Mar. 26: Autonomous Vehicles: The Disruption Never Ends
    As recently as four years ago, if you mentioned “autonomous vehicles” as a serious alternative to traditional private passenger automobiles, there were good odds that you would be laughed at. That has changed, and the impact could be more disruptive than first imagined.

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