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  • Oct. 16: Following Closely: Cyber Risk and Self-Driving Cars
    If you scan this blog, you will note that we have a high interest in autonomous vehicles. Data demonstrate that they can bring reductions in injuries and deaths alongside improvements in transportation effectiveness. But there are new risks which need to be addressed. Is this an opportunity or just a large challenge?
  • Oct. 6: Insurance Broken
    If I had to suggest a one-line description for the 2016 InsureTech Connect Conference in Las Vegas, I would recommend: “Insurance is critically important. That's why we must break it.”
  • Oct. 3: Tech Changes Insurance for Good?
    Lemonade, and others, are developing a P2P insurance model similar in many respects to the 17th-century Lloyds' coffee-house approach, albeit with much more interesting and powerful tools. This will lead to massive disruption in the car insurance industry, but the impact will extend beyond this one line of business.
  • Sept. 26: The Future of Disruption: Will Telematics Uberize UBI?
    We are hearing a lot about disruption that will hit the insurance industry as the result of InsurTech and digital transformation. However, widespread enterprise-wide implementations are some ways out, so we won't see the impact of all of the moving pieces. But there is one exception: Telematics / UBI.

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